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Man Basket Safety Tips

3-Person Man Basket

At some point, it will become necessary to hoist some people somewhere that a scaffold, boom lift or ladder can't go. So, other than purchasing a Personnel Basket designed to ASME B30.23 criteria, what do you need to know?

For one, the crane you are using must be certified, stable and ready to perform this critical lift. Also, the people you are lifting must be wearing the appropriate safety gear (think hard hat, glasses, harness & lanyard to tie off to the basket).

For the basket itself, it is mandatory that a test lift be performed before lifting a person. Every time. That is why basket manufacturers often sell a removable test weight with the purchase. We powder coat the test weight a different color so it is noticeable that the weight is attached. You don't want to lift the weight and people at the same time!

Per OSHA/ASME, you must also have a separate grab rail to tie off to. Our baskets have these, of course. We also include a detachable roof for extra versatility. The walls are made from perforated steel so the baskets don't become a sail in the wind. And we use non-slip diamond plate for the floor because we hear that in places outside of Las Vegas, it occasionally rains.

If you have any questions about man baskets, you can always drop us a line at 702-798-8920.

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