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Here at TransWorld, we think very deeply about the products we create and put to market.  Over the years we have held numerous patents.  Here is a summary of the current patents and patents-pending we use on our products:

Improved Turning for a Crane Boom Support System

This feature allows our dollies to follow the crane more easily around a corner and reduces the torque that is imparted on the crane’s boom.

Steering Control for a Crane Boom Support System

A feature that allows articulating dollies to be actively steered while the crane is reversing. This allows cranes with articulating dollies to be precisely positioned while reversing.

Articulation Limiting Device for Crane Boom Support System

This allows cranes with articulating dollies to move around a curve while in reverse. It also prevents the dolly from being damaged due to jack-knifing.  Prior to this system, articulating dollies were limited to reversing in a straight line only. All new articulated dollies from TransWorld Manufacturing include this system as a standard feature.

Steering system for a Tractor and Trailer

This is a method for steering the axles on a trailer. It is based on the angle of the tractor in relation to the centerline of the trailer, and uses a closed loop hydraulic system.

System to align a tractor with a steerable trailer

This system uses a device that fits into the “vee” of the tractor’s fifth wheel plate to align the trailer’s steering system with the tractor.

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