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Everything Rides on the Tires

The importance of checking your tires regularly cannot be overstated. Sure, it's a DOT requirement, but spending that couple extra minutes each morning can also increase safety and handling while minimizing downtime.

trailer tire

By law, tire manufacturers are required to post air pressure, capacities (both dual and single) on the tire and it must be DOT stamped. This is important to ensure that your tires are rated to handle the vehicle load limits.

Before going out on the road, it is important to check for proper tire inflation. A tire that is inflated 20% below targeted pressure is considered a flat tire. Also, dual tires should be within 10 PSIs of each other. Valve caps should also be secure.

Next, look for tread wear, cuts, or bulges in the tire.

Always check your lug nuts to make sure your wheel is properly secured. Lug nuts need to be tensioned to the correct torque otherwise your wheel may fall off in transit! This is especially important to check within the first few miles of a new trailer or after a tire is replaced.

Making tire safety a priority is a great habit to get into. The time spent on pre- or post-trip inspections is minimal when compared to the downtime, inconvenience and hazards associated with tire issues out on the open road.

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