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Crane Obsessed

We obsess over cranes here at TWM. OBSESS. But there are days when we realize that we don't even hold a candle to some die-hard crane enthusiasts out there! Here are some of our favorite social media crane enthusiasts, in no particular order. Our hats go off to you, gentlemen!

1. Cranedude07

Cranedude has an envious collection of crane replicas. His youtube page features a series of stop-motion videos of scale models being assembled. The video below took over a year to make! We can't wait to see what he comes out with next!

2. Yu Shine

This man created a replica of an LTM 1350-6.1 that is fully functional. Yes, it travels, sets up, and even lifts a MacBook Pro in his video:


This guy's photostream is AWESOME! And the scale LEGO replicas he makes are mind-numbing. They are so true to form. How long does that possibly take to build? Color us impressed...

4. Don Smith

A mechanical engineer who likes to play with LEGOs. He is the creator of the fully-functional Lego machine modeled after Lampson's Transi-lift 2600. It is over 10 feet tall and can pick 20 pounds!

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