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Dropping things from Cranes can be Fun!

Normally on the job we never even think about dropping a load from a crane. But for some mindless entertainment, we compiled some videos of people intentionally dropping things from cranes for fun!


Millions of tiny, brightly colored plastic balls falling into a plastic swimming pool:

Here is someone dropping a car onto another car:

What is it with people dropping cars from cranes? There are quite a few videos of cars being picked up by a crane only to free fall in front of a crowd of people- who knew that was a thing?!

This RV drop is definitely cooler than watching the car drops:

Here are 4,000 golf balls being dropped:

And finally, the piece de resistance, here is a 1,717 pound pumpkin being dropped! (Note: the video says crane, but a clearly a forklift is dropping the pumpkin in front of the excited crowd... we can't all be crane enthusiasts)

Can't say we are sad we missed seeing this in person- looks like a messy ordeal!

Have you ever dropped something from a crane on purpose? What was it?

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