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3 Important Things to Consider when Buying a Boom Dolly

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This post has been pretty popular on LinkedIn, so here we present it again. As a former owner of boom dollies, and active manufacturer and inventor of boom dolly features, we have come up with three things you should consider before making your next boom dolly purchase.

1) Bridge & Weight Laws: You are probably aware your transport equipment must be designed around the strictest state or province DOT requirements. Those regulations often vary greatly and will determine how quickly you can mobilize for those fast track projects.

2) Suspension: Your new all terrain crane comes equipped with a state-of-the art hydrogas suspension, which is ideal for the crane’s carrier, but what you put under the boom is equally important. Studies have shown that there is a considerable difference between spring and air-ride suspension. While the spring blindly pushes back whatever forces come at it, air bags help serve as an equalizer for mildly uneven terrain - absorbing some of the forces. And now, in today’s high tech generation, hydrogas has proven to be significantly better than air ride. Analyzing data obtained from their sophisticated weigh-in-motion scales, The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) has suggested that the difference of how much shock force gets transferred to your crane boom using hydrogas vs. air ride is reduced as much as 80%. Since your budget and application often determine your choices, TransWorld offers walking beam, spring leaf, and airbag as well as hydrogas suspensions.

3) Tower: This key component receives little consideration; yet, its function as the sole link from the crane boom to the dolly is significant. The TransWorld tube tower is strong, yet lightweight. Rather than rigidly welding it to the dolly frame, our tower pivots forwards and backwards which significantly reduces the forces traveling up to the boom. It easily locks to your crane boom with our user-friendly, air-engaged pins.

New crane purchases are big decisions even for the most successful crane companies. TransWorld Manufacturing continuously aspires to improve our products and earn your respect by providing innovative products for the heavy lift and haul industries. We look forward to customizing your dolly to your specifications, allowing you to focus on what you do best - getting that crane rented!

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