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Lifting Beams

60 ton WLL lifting beam

What are lifting beams and why are they so special?

On the surface they just look like a big piece of metal that spreads the weight of the load. They don't adjust, or have any embellishments. So why use one when there are so many other rigging options?

1) Low headroom: The main advantage of a lifting beam is that it is engineered to pick from a single point while still distributing the weight of the load you are picking. Other spreader bars are engineered to pick from two points, so with a 45 or 60 degree rigging angle, you can run out of headroom quickly.

2) Multiple pick points: Many lifting beams, including ours, include multiple pick points (above and below) to accommodate different rigging scenarios. These are perfect for multiple beam rigging set-ups. You can also invert them for a two-crane pick.

3) Simplicity = Safety: Yes, these don't adjust or telescope, but that is the beauty of a lifting beam. No buttons, bells and whistles, or anything to call technical support over.

Designed correctly, lifting beams are a great, lightweight & durable below-the-hook lifting tool. We specialize in heavy-duty, high-capacity lifting beams. We offer lengths from 5 feet and capacities from 5 tons. Give us a call to discuss your next heavy lift project at 702-798-8920.

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