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Boom Dolly Basics

What exactly are boom dollies and why do we need them? Why are they all so different? If you have found yourself asking these questions, then you will want to check out Crane Hotline's June 2016 Transport Spotlight on boom dollies entitled " Boom Dollies for Cranes Share the Transport Load."

I really enjoyed talking with everyone at Crane Hotline and it's great to get some good information out in the world about street-legal crane transportation. There really is a lot going on between the crane yard and being hook-ready at a job site, and this is just one little piece of the equation.

This article is a great introduction to boom dollies, and of course, if you have any other questions you can always call us at 702-798-8920.

Crane Hotline June 2016:  Boom Dollies for Cranes Share the Transport Load

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